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Fleet Grant is developed and progressive Crew Manning agency in Europe, located in Odessa, Ukraine. Ready to offer qualified and skilled crew who are ready for joining various types of vessels. Tuned to have long-term business cooperation with our partner.
We have an extensive database of dilegently selected, experienced, well trained and certified seafarers for various types of vessels.
For Shipowners

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We sail, we care
We maintain our staff up-to-date in lue with latest industry requirements and regulations to ensure safe operations on board
In-house taining, phycological tests, iterviews
We maintaine our staff up-to-date in lue with latest industry requirements and regulations to ensure safe operations on board.
All required resources available to provide any kind of training to officers and crew as per STCW, IMO model courses or specific owners oriented training in one of the best specialized training centers in Europe.
Crew Manning
We manage selection process as per our quality policy with dedication complying with owners/managers qeuirements.
Crew manning services to ensure the safety of ships operations, by providing professional seafarers that are chosen through a precise selection process


Fleet Grant offers the following:
Crew planning, recruitment and manning
Initial interview and screening of the candidates
Verification of licenses and validity of STCW-95 certificate
Providing documentation and briefing for the candidates
Testing rankwise knowledge, English language knowledge and computer skills
Support in crew training and certification
Prejoinong medicals, fitness examinations and other tests as required
Visa processing
Transportation and ticket handling andcsuuport while traveling
Victualling and payroll on customers systems
Rotation planning and execution
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The crewing agency with more than 10 years of expirince in the marine industry, our seafarer's employment attainments helps to perform efficiently and reliably for the seafarer and their principals.
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